Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon Steel Pipe

Widely used in the mechanical treatment field, petrochemical industry, transport and construction field Ordinary structural purposes and mechanic structural purposes, for example in construction field, fulcrum bearing etc;


Welded pipe
Wall thickness: less than or equal to 3mm
Length: usually 6m
Pressure: small
Application: Decorative pipes, billboards, railings

seamless pipe
Wall thickness: more than 3mm
Length: 9m-12m above 3ft
Pressure: big
Process: cold drawing Precision tubes 168*25 168*10 hot drawing
Application: oil and gas transportation

The purpose of the steel pipe

1. Pipes for pipelines.
For example: seamless pipes for water, gas pipes, steam pipes, pipes for oil transmission, pipes for oil and gas trunk lines. Cranes with pipes for agricultural irrigation and pipes for sprinkler irrigation, etc.
2. Pipes for heating equipment.
For example, boiling water pipes and superheated steam pipes for general purpose boilers, superheated pipes, large chimneys, small chimneys, arched brick pipes, and high temperature and high pressure boiler pipes for locomotive boilers.
3. Pipes for the engineering industry.
For example: aircraft structural tubes (round, oval, flat oval tubes), automotive axle tubes, axle tubes, structural tubes for automobile tractors, tractor oil cooler tubes, square and rectangular tubes for agricultural machinery, transformer tubes and bearing tubes etc.
4. Pipes for oil geological drilling.
For example: oil drill pipes, oil drill rods (square and hexagonal rods), drilling sleeve, oil pipes, oil casing pipes and various pipe connections, geological drill pipes (core pipes, casing pipes, active drill rods, drilling sleeve, pressed collars and pin connections, etc.).
5. Pipes for the chemical industry.
For example: pipes for oil cracking, heat exchangers and pipes for chemical equipment, stainless acid-resistant pipes, high-pressure pipes for chemical fertilizers, pipes for transporting chemical media.
6. Other tubes
For example: tubes for containers (tubes for high-pressure gas cylinders and general containers), tubes for instruments, tubes for watch cases, tubes for injection needles and their medical products, etc.

7: Advantages of the company: The company has more than 10 years of experience in selling steel, and has a large stock of products in stock. As a first-class steel mill agent, the company guarantees good quality, price advantages, priority delivery, also deliveries within 7-10 days of receiving the advance payment, can provide customers with the opportunity to come to the factory and personally inspect the goods, or send product samples to customers.

Company Advantages

1: The company has more than 10 years of steel sales experience, first-class agents, quality assurance, price advantages, priority delivery.

2: The company can guarantee the delivery within 7-10 days from the receipt of the advance payment, allow customers to come and inspect the products, 3: and carry out hardness testing before delivery. The company has its own test equipment to check the composition of the product before delivery, and supports sending samples by mail.

Packing & Shipping

General package:
Waterproof kraft paper + wooden pallet (each 3 tons) + steel strip bag. Or the package can also meet your requirement.
Delivery time:
Within 7-10 days after receiving the advance payment.

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