Galvanized steel coil

DX51D+Z Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized steel plate is to prevent corrosion
on the surface of steel plate and prolong its service life.
A layer of metal zinc is coated on the surface
of steel plate, which is called galvanized steel plate


1. Hot dip galvanized steel coil (Z)

As the name suggests, the steel sheet is continuously immersed in a bath of molten zinc so that the coil is coated with a layer of zinc on its surface. Hot dip galvanizing involves immersing a cleaned sheet of iron in a bath of molten zinc at about 450 degrees to form a layer of zinc. The zinc content must be at least 99%. This is the most commonly used method. It has a number of advantages:

1) The whole steel surface is uniformly coated with a layer of zinc, even corners, depressions, etc., so that the steel sheet is completely protected.

2) Zinc coating of hot dip galvanized steel is thick and durable, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. So it is more durable in use. On Juhe Steel, the maximum zinc layer thickness can reach 275g/L.

But after continuous annealing and hot dip galvanizing, the coiled steel is heated and cooled in a short time, which affects its strength and ductility to a certain extent.

2. Galvanized steel in zinc-iron alloy (ZF) coils

This type of coiled steel is also produced by hot dip galvanizing. But it immediately heats up to about 500℃ to form a zinc-iron alloy coating after it comes out of the zinc bath. This galvanized coil has good coating adhesion and weldability. That is, it can be painted immediately without additional processing, except for cleaning. The color is matte off-white, after oiling it becomes dark gray, without sparkles. Ideal for roller shutters, signage, vending machine panels, refrigerators, washing machines, display cases, office cabinets, etc.

3. Electro-galvanized steel coil

Electrogalvanizing is the process of applying a layer of zinc to steel by electroplating with a salt anode and a steel conductor. It basically provides the same performance as cold rolled sheets by cold galvanizing. In addition, it is able to improve the corrosion and heat resistance of steel. Its surface is smooth and uniform, and it has good machinability. In addition, it looks shiny and silvery white, which is more beautiful than hot dip. In addition, it is cheaper than hot dip galvanized steel. However, the zinc coating is thinner and the corrosion resistance is not as good as hot dip galvanized coils.

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Sequins on galvanized steel

The glitter is formed during the hot dip galvanizing process. The size, brightness and surface of the glitters mainly depend on the composition of the zinc layer and the cooling method. In terms of size, it includes small sequins, regular sequins, large sequins and loose sequins. They look different, but the sparkles will hardly affect the quality of the galvanization. You can choose according to your preferences and purpose of use.

(1) Large or regular sequins

Elements that contribute to the formation of sparkles are added to the zinc bath. Then, as the zinc layer solidifies, beautiful sparkles form. It looks good. But the grains are coarse and there is a slight unevenness. In a word, its adhesion is poor, but the weather resistance is good. It is most suitable for fences, blowers, air ducts, roller shutters, downpipes, ceiling brackets, etc.

(2) Small sequins

During the hardening of the zinc layer, the zinc grains are artificially limited to form as fine spangles as possible. The size of the glitters can be controlled with the cooling time. Generally, the shorter the cooling time, the smaller the size. The coverage is excellent. Therefore, it is ideal for drain pipes, ceiling brackets, door pillars, color coated steel base, car body panels, guard rails, blowers, etc.

(3) Zero glitter

By adjusting the chemical composition of the bath, the coating has a uniform surface without visible sparkles. The grains are very small and smooth. It has excellent corrosion resistance and good coating properties. It is also ideal for drain pipes, automotive components, appliance backplates, automotive body panels, guard rails, blowers, etc.

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Packing & Shipping

General package:
Waterproof kraft paper + wooden pallet (each 3 tons) + steel strip bag. Or the packaging can also meet your requirements.
Delivery time:
Within 7-10 days after receiving the advance payment.

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