Galvalume Steel Coil

Hot Dipped Galvalume Coil/ Made In China

Galvalume steel refers to steel products with 55% Al-Zn coating, also called aluzinc steels. GL steel is well suited for roofing and siding, as well as for automobiles, household appliances, furniture, etc. Due to its versatility, durability, beautiful appearance, galvanized steel is in wide demand.


1. Excellent corrosion resistance.

Like galvanized steel, the Al-Zn coating protects the base metal. In particular, as the zinc layer wears away, a dense alumina layer is left to prevent further corrosion of the base metal. GL steel has been proven to last 3 times longer than GI steel. This is why GL steel is preferred in harsh environments.

2. High temperature resistance.

Aluzinc steel has good heat resistance, can withstand temperatures over 300 degrees Celsius, and is often used in chimneys, oven lights, and lampshades.

3. High reflectivity.

The thermal reflection coefficient GL is twice that of galvanized steel, so it is often used as a thermal insulation material. Therefore, it is the best choice for roofing in hot climates.

4. Beautiful appearance

The surface of GL steel is smooth and shiny, giving it a beautiful appearance. So it can be used directly without painting.

Company Advantages

1: The company has more than 10 years of steel sales experience, first-class agents, quality assurance, price advantages, priority delivery.

2: The company can guarantee the delivery within 7-10 days from the receipt of the advance payment, allow customers to come and inspect the products, 3: and carry out hardness testing before delivery. The company has its own test equipment to check the composition of the product before delivery, and supports sending samples by mail.

Packing & Shipping

General package:
Waterproof kraft paper + wooden pallet (each 3 tons) + steel strip bag. Or the package can also meet your requirement.
Delivery time:
Within 7-10 days after receiving the advance payment.

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