Thrie Beam Guardrail

Thrie Beam Guardrail- a Visual Sign Implying Transition to Highways

Thrie beam guardrail features its shape of three waves, which has an added corrugation on the basic of traditional W-beam. Compared to two-wave shape products, this one has a stronger construction and higher impact endurance. It has been successfully impact-tested by a heavy truck and has showed its remarkable resistance against the crash force.

It is a perfect combination of high quality material (including Q235, Q345, etc.) and excellent anti-rust zinc or PVC coating. All of these make it outstanding at long-term corrosion and rust resistance. Meanwhile, it costs effectively and is widely used as a visual and physical barrier for protection against run-off road collision. Additionally, it is often used as a specific signs for a transition to high speed roadways, bridges, etc.


Thrie beam guardrails are used on highway

What kind of thrie beam guardrails can we supply? 

According to the surface treatment, we can classify our thrie beam guardrails into two types: hot dip galvanized and PVC coating as shown in the following pictures.

PVC coated thrie beam guardrails

Galvanized thrie beam guardrails

But when it comes to shapes and sizes of thrie beam guardrail, it must be manufactured in accordance with the specific applications. To satisfy the need of highway barrier market, our products includes the straight thrie and curved thrie beam guardrails in various sizes as your requirements. Furthermore, the connecting part that secures a smooth transition from W-beam to thrie beam guardrail is also available as follow:

Straight or curved thrie beam guardrail:

Connecting part:

thrie-beam Length 4100-4400mm
Wave width 400-900mm
Wave height 50-100mm
Thickness 2-6mm
Zinc coating Weight More than 500g/m2
Thickness More than 70μm as your requirements
Notes: Custom length, width, height and thickness are available as your requirements.
Curved W-beam details

Radius (Feet)H/ Rise (Inches)Radius (Feet)H/ Rise (Inches)
5 (1.5m)4155 (16.8m)4 1/4
6 (1.8m)3660 (18.3m)4
8 (2.4m)2865 (19.8m)3 5/8
9 (2.7m)2670 (21.3m)3 3/8
10 (3.1m)2275 (22.9m)3 1/4
12 (3.7m)2080 (24.4m)3
13 (4m)1885 (25.9m)2 3/4
15 (4.6m)1690 (27.4m)2 5/8
16 (4.9m)1495 (29m)2 1/2
20 (6.1m)11 5/8100 (30.5m)2 3/8
25 (7.6m)9 1/2110 (33.5m)2 1/8
30 (9.1m)7 3/4120 (36.6m)2
35 (10.7m)6 3/4130 (39.6m)1 3/4
40 (12.2m)6140 (42.7m)1 5/8
45 (13.7m)5 1/4150 (45.7m)4 1/2
50 (15.2m)4 5/8  

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